A Virtual Assistant for Your Business

What Can I Help You With?

Customer Support

As you are busy with strategic activities, you might need support for daily interactions with your clients, such as: troubleshooting and manage complaints, replying contact emails, after sales services. Let me support you for those kind of activities.

CRM Management

Sales mostly known as field worker and less on administrative activities. While to achieve effective sales cycle you would need accountable data on CRM system. I am able to help you on CRM Management as you get more involved in the field.

Lead Generation

A salesperson needs to filter the prospects at an early stage before converting it to a potential customer. Every business and customers are unique hence this process could take few steps. I will do this verification process for you, so you can focus on the potential clients.

Internet / Sales Research

In today’s always-connected society there’s an overwhelming amount of information about your sales prospects online. It is difficult to know where to start.  If you’re struggling with information overload, the most critical is to gather business basic information. I am happily will assist you to do the task.

Virtual Event Management

Webinar events are become essential for every businesses. It is important to have a support to maximize the potential of the event. I would love to assist you during the event also with preparation and post event follow up.

Digital Marketing Management

Global business rely on digital marketing content. Social media management is one thing but we can do more also on conventional content such as mailing list and writing content also track the responses.

Do you have project in mind? I would love to help you out.

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