Winning Life

While having my afternoon walk, and my mind goes wandering to dream and reality, suddenly it hit me, who am I competing with?

All the time, I joke that: we never win from life as no one will ever get out from it alive. No one. Okay, I will not debate with bible’s famous stories of Enoch and… of course Jesus. Right?! Death is certain for all human being. Face it, we are not saint or special prophet or Son of God. We are just like other millions, spec of dust.

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We are two strangers, accidentally met at this terminal. Then talk to each other, having coffee also sharing bites on a slice of chocolate cake. My choice, dark one.

I like your companion, you seems fun. A fun stranger. You have sweet smile, good smells. I think, I can kiss you. I will decide later.

You know your destination already.

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