I was flying too close to the Sun. 

It burned my wings; threw my life to the sea, I met another life instead of cold and dark death. 

Blue sky has become a grey memory while I cherish the colorful new life under the sea.

Dive with me.

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We are two strangers, accidentally met at this terminal. Then talk to each other, having coffee also sharing bites on a slice of chocolate cake. My choice, dark one.

I like your companion, you seems fun. A fun stranger. You have sweet smile, good smells. I think, I can kiss you. I will decide later.

You know your destination already.

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Pokoknya, Minta Sama Tuhan Aja!

Iman dan hal-hal yang kita inginkan.

Ya kalau lagi bokek terutama, saya selalu bilang dalam hati, ya Tuhaaaan…. mbokyao tolong aku ini dikasih rejeki, uang banyak jadi mau ngapa-ngapain gampang! Tolong ya Tuhan, kasih hambaMu ini rejeki… trus ngarepnya, ujug-ujug pas buka tas, terdapat bergepok-gepok seratusan ribu gitu. Kan namanya aja ngayal.

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It drags you to endless dark-hole

Few days ago, I text my friend and asked him to have drinks with me. Then he asked, “are you sad so you asked to meet me?” I laughed, “do I always asking you to meet when I’m sad?” He replied, “you always drunk whenever you sad and you always sad after. Wait, I don’t know which one comes first but just want to make sure that you are okay”

I thought, I am always this happy go lucky person. Indeed, I keep the eternal sadness just to keep my happiness in control. I don’t know if it makes sense, but life is not always about happiness. We need sadness to define what happy is. No, it is not depression in my case. Hm… no, I don’t think so. Constant sadness just to keep me grounded, less bubbly.

Ah, whatever… maybe I just need to write it down.


Of course, I’m in for this game. What’s more fun rather that judging men from his look and decide to swipe it right or left? The power on my finger!

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For Sale: Love & Relationship

Few days ago, I met a girl, who I knew from blog. We were being in contact for quite a while since Meike contacted me to be one of her respondent for her thesis but this is our very first meeting. As Meike read my blog and vice versa, we just hit off like old friend, wait, just like older & younger sisters. Hahaha… despite the fact that Meike is more than a decade younger than me, our conversation was smooth and time passed so fast. It was really nice to meet you, Mei. Continue reading “For Sale: Love & Relationship”