I’m Chasing A Shadow

Have you ever fall in love with shadow? Suddenly, she sent me a short message like that. Maybe she was in love. Maybe.
Who is that person? Perhaps she just misses her past.

I replied, I fell in love with the Sun, warm at this distance, but I did not have the gut to approach it.

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A Sigh

What’s better to do if you cannot sleep at midnight? Correct. Write a blog post. Well, I’m trying to keep the promise (to myself) that I will write regularly and to add the challenge, let’s do it in English.

I don’t know what I’m doing, for sure, but life is like that. Challenges meant that we are alive. Our existence depends on how we survive the challenge. Not necessarily win it, as no one will ever win and get out alive from this life.

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Pokoknya, Minta Sama Tuhan Aja!

Iman dan hal-hal yang kita inginkan.

Ya kalau lagi bokek terutama, saya selalu bilang dalam hati, ya Tuhaaaan…. mbokyao tolong aku ini dikasih rejeki, uang banyak jadi mau ngapa-ngapain gampang! Tolong ya Tuhan, kasih hambaMu ini rejeki… trus ngarepnya, ujug-ujug pas buka tas, terdapat bergepok-gepok seratusan ribu gitu. Kan namanya aja ngayal.

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