Hello old friend, Death greeted me.

Oh, have we met before?

Don’t you remember? We met few times.

No, I don’t remember. Would you please remind me?

Well, usually I am not doing it but we are old friend. I will remind you.

Don’t you remember being a hummingbird watching a storm?

Don’t you remember waiting for me at the edge of cliff as a lion?

Don’t you remember picking coffee berry when we met hundred years ago?

Don’t you remember met me as a warrior? You lost at the battle but you fought well and actually in a way, you won it from Life. You are always a brave soul.

Don’t you remember I saved you from the cold water?

Don’t you remember dancing until all the lights off?

Don’t you remember yesterday when you kissed your lover?

Is it yesterday? Why I don’t remember yesterday? I don’t remember having a lover, I said, why I can’t remember him?

Her. Him. They don’t matter now as we meet again. I am your oldest friend and I will guide you to eternity and leave you there.

Why I don’t remember? I insist to know.

Death whispers, you trade your memory with Life, you should asked him when you meet him.

Will us meet again?


Death is certain as Life is a maybe. I heard him giggling. I never know Death can joke, I said.

Oh, I joke all the time; we joke! Life and me.

Okay old friend, now let’s meet him.

And we walk to eternity.

(Today at Jimbaran, while The Sun set at west)

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