We are two strangers, accidentally met at this terminal. Then talk to each other, having coffee also sharing bites on a slice of chocolate cake. My choice, dark one.

I like your companion, you seems fun. A fun stranger. You have sweet smile, good smells. I think, I can kiss you. I will decide later.

You know your destination already.

“Have you bought your ticket?” I asked.

“No, not yet. But I know I will go there soon. For now, I’m here”

Good. I still don’t know mine. You didn’t ask but still I keep telling you. You just a polite creature, you were listening but I know that you didn’t care even a bit.

I have no baggage with me though, I can go freely wherever I want to go, the moment I decide. In other hand, you brought your old baggages wherever you are going to go. It is obvious that dragging those cargos is slowing you from moving forward.

I really want to say, if you want to moving fast… just leave your old baggages and travel light. Life is heavy already without extra weight from the past.

But we are just two strangers at this stop. Who am I giving opinion on your baggages?! You are just a stranger. Nice stranger.

I keep silent and it passed. Now, you are ready for your next flight while I will be staying at this stop for a while.

Ah… goodbye is always a pain, even though to a stranger.

Bali International Airport in my mind.


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