Of course, I’m in for this game. What’s more fun rather that judging men from his look and decide to swipe it right or left? The power on my finger!

Left right left right left right match keep swiping left left left right left right right match keep swiping, and you consumed few giga from your data. Just wasted time but it does work for some people.

I have friend, who will get married this month with the girl, he matched on Tinder. For them, love is at first swipe! This is his first relationship in tinder and of course, be the last! He encourage me to get back on Tinder. Another friend, she engaged to her 4th relationship from Tinder! She is so brave!

Actually I was joining it in 2014, deleted it after few days. Joined again on 2016, deleted after a week, then join again few months ago. I still stay on tinder though not actively swiping again. Power finger play only fun for few days, after that it just boring. Especially, if you’re not getting many match! Hahaha.

I get matched, don’t pity me. I am not that ugly. Even though 70% of matches were keep silent and we stopped chat at hello, 20% unmatched just because; some I have no reason while the balance just drop a message: hi sexy. Oh man, please… tease us! Then, 10% balance have good conversations and I decided to meet. In total I met 8 persons from Tinder since 2014. You do the math, the truth unveil… I’m not getting many matches! LOL.

I’ll tell you how it going.

2014: I met 3 guys. First, was total off, he thought I have expectation on relationship on meeting him and he wasn’t interested. I was like, wait… wait… I thought we just meet up! Even not considered the meeting as a date. Come on, man… we just have dinner. Second guy, was good… charming and has proper background, first meet up was success so we went on few more dates and we’re together for sometime until we realised that the relationship just not worked. The third guy, we just met once for dinner and he just disappeared after that, not replying my thank you message the next day; well… maybe I was eating too much.

2016: I met 2 guys. Both of them still stayed friend till today; platonic friends.

2018: Getting older with my real age on my profile, I don’t get many matched. However, all few matches I met are goody goldy; they worth more than lots of matches :D. The truth I met 3 person; in fact that was higher number compare to 2 years ago when I was younger!

First one from 2018 edition, flew 20 hours to have a meet, a very charming smart guy. Pfiuh… I think, I could say that he is my best match ever as he ticks 90% I need from a partner. Do we process this further? Sadly no. I’m old enough to understand that sometimes you only get to know that there is a living man who meet with my criteria but you can look & fancy only, not to keep it. Too bad but nothing I regret. I just learned and accepted that I am not allowed to want more in this phase of my life; so short meet up with this guy was actually my first test. So, I’m okay (not okay) to pass this one though I badly wanted him. Second guy I met, he has digital footprint I can stalk, so I feel okay on asking him to meet me and we have few mutual friends. Nice and charming and smart and that’s all. Third guy was… so absurd but we keep in contact for random chat.

If you asked, do I really want to find partner on Tinder? I don’t know! I really don’t know.   Maybe yes, because I was joining Tinder again trigged by everyone I know said that, I should start to broaden my search, also a friend who encourage me to start considering dating site. I’m doing my search! But maybe no, because I always think, Tinder is a game-apps only.

I don’t know if I’m being double standard. I met a lot of wonderful friends thru internet. Few years ago, my life path crossed with few good friends at an internet forum. Also get lots of freelancing job from social media and internet. Hey, this blog also gave me few friends! I gain some serious stuff from internet but never taking Tinder seriously. Maybe, it just a perception that hit me first time on Tinder, it just a hook-up apps, okay… but what’s the different with you pick up someone at the bar? Have one night stand and forget his/her name when wake up in the morning. I think, maybe this just same with Tinder, rite? Tinder is just another form of lovegame. Wait, it’s just getting strange as I write this, my random playlist played We Found Love – Rihanna… oh, hilarious! 

I think, Tinder is not that hopeless actually. You put your best photos, write interesting description about yourself, with hope someone really read it 😀 and you have chance to do the conversations then decide whether you keep it, process it further or just unmatched.

Anyway, do we really need to find love and put our bet on tindergame then?


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