The Ravens


Ravens are smart which makes them become one of dangerous predators in the forest. Their intelligent put those as a very effective guard for the souls yet their creepiness scare us. We are the souls, whose living under the big trees afraid to them.

I saw an old Raven at the lotus pond, under the willow tree. Put aside my fear, I asked him, “Have you ever saw a soul going back to the forest after getting lost in Man’s world?” He laughed, “No soul ever return to the forest from Man’s world because they lost their memories and forgot the way going back. You just can’t go back. And why would you going to the Man’s world? The pain is real in there; forest is the best place for the soul like you, which is one of the reasons why you need Ravens, us, to guard you at the forest. To keep danger away from you”

“Can we peeking in to the Man’s World?”

“Why would you peeking in to sorrow?”

“I just want to know”

“Why would you knowing pain? There is no trial for the pain, and no way going back to the forest. You risk everything in the forest for going to the Man’s world”

“Risk everything to find love”

“Soul will always searching, they will never finding”

“But some souls found what they’re looking for”

“Ravens are older than souls, henceforth we become guardian and I am the eldest Raven in this forest, I know more than the old soul. I just know, you will never find anything, just stay here.”

It was long before I trade my red knot to a mark on my arm to enter the Man’s world. Now, dying alone here, I remember him. I wished I listened to the Ravens.


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