Screw Skin-Color

A friend told me about his bad experience at Cork & Screw – Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta recently; as he was discriminated at the restaurant because of his skin color.  Later, he forwards me a complaint email that he addressed to the restaurant.

As a proud Indonesian, I am torn in shame and anger. Shame that we are still living in perception that white skins are superior hence they deserve better service rather than locals and other color skin people. We are not living in colonial era! That makes me angry. We are human being that equal to each other, no matter our background. We are just human.

Even though colonialism has ended 70 years ago in our country and new order era crushed in 1998, apparently the thought that we are less than white-skins are still in the mind.

Ah, I know it just our primal instinct to look down on other people and always tried to overpowering the weak. However, I am not in that subject yet; this is just about why white-skin bule should get better service?

I do not hate white-skin people, I respect them no less and no more than other skin color. I have friends with all skin-colors and they are all lovely, and of course this is because I am not befriend with bastardo 😀

I am only against the concept of superiority of one race to others. Again, we are all human, that skin is just a casing.

We respect people as human as it should be. Define them as human being based on their personality instead of their skin color & race. Oh…that would be an ideal world we dream of.

For now, I will just accept that some of us still having difficulties to get out from slave-mentality and I will help those who-think-that-they-are-still-slave by keep preaching about it.

As of my friend’s case, he still not get any reply from Cork & Screw yet but don’t worry, he is more than capable to do his spicy-vendetta by his own. We just wait for it.

2 responses to “Screw Skin-Color”

  1. Ihh nyebelin banget ya, itu restoran berasa paling hits aja deh 😦 tapi sedihnya banyak resto di jakarta yang suka diskriminasi berdasarkan etnis/warna kulit tertentu. Aku punya pengalaman sama temen2, dulu jaman2 resto hits semacam itu mulai menjamur, ngantri nya kan abis2an tuh.. selalu full booked. Kalau telpon pakai bahasa inggris yang bagus (nggak beraksen indonesia) pasti langsung dapet tempat. Kalau telpon pake bahasa indonesia, selalu dibilang full. Malesin banget ya. :(((((

    1. ih keselnyaa… aku sih belum pernah langsung kena yang kayak gini, cuma memang banyak temen2 digituin, dengernya aja kesel ya… mental inlander banget dah.

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