Life oh Life

Which one is applicable for you?
a. Life is about choice.
b. Life is about making decision.
c. Life is about enjoying every second of life that we have chosen.
d. Life is just a theory.
Enjoy the circus of the life, honey.
Let the clown entertain you, laugh as loud as you can; you know life also isn’t easy for a clown but that was his life, not yours.

“You don’t know how its feel being me, my life not as simple as you think, you know” Well, sweetheart; first, me, I don’t want being you as well :))
Second,  I don’t think your life is complicated. Yes, life is simple, honey. You have you to make a decision. You take the wrong ones, that was your problem and you need to fix it. That simple. There is always a way to make things better, you know the solution already. Whether you brave to do it or not, up to you laaaar…
Ah, I know, you will say, “I wish you know its feel in my position; walking in my shoes”
Sweetheart, don’t you listen? I don’t want being you, I don’t want walking on your shoes, we are not same size, plus your shoes are ugly! Not my style. Sorry.
As a friend, once again, I just want to remind you that actually you know what to do, already. You just won’t to do it. It is up to you and no point ping me, on bbm, seeking for friend that will say, “I feel you, I know how you feel”, because I don’t know, I won’t to feel, and it is your life, you should take care of yours. 
Or…  maybe you just pick wrong friend :))  now, these things become more make sense. I feel sorry for you, then.

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