not in love?

Yaaa memaaang….. akyuuu banci kuis… banci tags… ahahahahahaha tadi baca blog si Ngelzz di viigo… hahahahaha iya, viigo aku isi beritanya dikit, banyakan nyimpen blog temen2 sama blog gosip…ahahahahahahaha… Naah, si Ngelzz abis ikutan kuis di quizbox, ikutan laaah haiiii…

Nah, menurut test yang satu ini, yang katanya mengukur How Deep is your love, hasilnya adalaaaaah…. jeng… jeng…..

Depth: 37%  – You may find him interesting but, no, you’re not in love.

HAAAA?!?!!! Sumpeh looooo?

Oke, ini cuma kuis gak penting cui… coba kita tes yang lain…. yang katanya untuk mengetahui your dream guy, gini katanya:

Who is your dream guy

According to your answers; if you are not kidding, you are too complicated. Sorry, we are unable to offer the analysis. Press Back button on you browser, check ONE question that you were not completely sure and try again with a different answer that you think it would be correct.

LOL! Gilaaaa… baru kali ini aku ikut kuis-kuis gak penting dan gak ada jawabannya…. ahahahahahaha…. cobain daaah…. It was totally a fun!

This test tells you what your wedding ceremony will be like.

You’ll just head to a registry office, get the signing of the forms over with and be off on your honeymoon as soon as you can.

Tau aja ni robot kalo aku memang pengennya kawin tamasya… ahahahahaha

Udah aah… now I’m back to work :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “not in love?”

  1. udah nyoba yg ‘your dream guy’. dan jawabannya sama dengan dirimu.. just dream… hahahaha

    cewe2 yg suka kidding rupanya kita…. ahahahahahaahah

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