roller coaster emotion

Errr… diluar Dossa, yang kuingat malam itu adalah sepotong percakapan lain dengan mantan bossku dan percakapan dengan Ginko Biloba setelahnya.
X-B: “So, how is your work now?”
Aku: “Am doing good, tough time, but still good”
X-B: “Yeaah… I know that there is a fight in your division now, very tough ha?”
A: “Yup! I just want to work Sir, I don’t care-lah with ‘those’ thing. Anyway, how about yours? Trust that you have better one”
X-B: “Yes, we have huge orders. You will not believe it but trust me that you will happy about it”
A: “???”
X-B: “All the orders come from your ex-account! We have booked abt. 4,5 million meter”
A: “Great! Congratulation!”
X-B: “Yes, and it was your account, from X1, X2, X3, X4 and X5 & X6, which are I am not confidence when they approached us but you had successfully use your magic charm to convince me & the management and now, they are huge. I am really proud about you, your confidence about your customer really made this happen. And till now, you are irreplaceable, the way you treat the customer is something that nobody can handle it, am looking for your cloning to take your place, but never found it. Your heritage is your junior, which is now has very hard time to work with her senior, the senior also complaining much about her”
A: “Really?! Ouch… Actually she is a smart girl, we just need the right method to train her. I never had problem with her, you know it, that I was working well because I have good support for my back up”
X-B: “Yes, I know it, but in my position, I was supposed not to supervise her, I can’t do that, it will hurt the system. Anyway, that is one reason why I missed you in my team. You know how to handle your junior, the most important, you know how to handle the customers, I really miss you to work with me again”
A: “I miss that old time also Sir, missing the headache, the routine, the fight… yeah… I want to back to that time, while I am doing the job perfectly under control”
X-B: “You want to back?”
A: “I don’t know what I want, I have to finish the task that given to me now, even am facing a lot of difficulties now”
X-B: “I want to take you back, but I can’t do that, Mr. XX (my boss now) really need you as his team, and I know, he is giving you a lot of opportunities, right”
A: “Yeah… and I am sure, my division, will going well, I am working hard for it, ooh, I hate myself for saying this as I want to leave actually, but I cannot”
X-B: “Sure! look, you did brilliant with your previous job, I am really proud, I really appreciate your performance and sure that you will going better, but I told you, you will have very-very-very tough time”
A: “Thanks. Anyway, thanks also for moved me” grin.
X-B: “No, I did not, the board asked me to release you”
A; “The director tells me that you release me, you made the decision”
X-B: “Then, who you will trust, me or him?”
A: “Nobody even myself”
X-B: “You are dating a very brave & smart girl, be careful” ke Ginko Biloba yang selama percakapan berdiri di sampingku dan ketika mukaku sudah berubah jutek, dengan manisnya menyodorkan segelas Bacardi Coke, supaya aku nyengir lagi…. hihihihi, bc bikinannya enak… 😛
Ginko Biloba, sambil senyum: “I know well how to chill her”
I feel good and bad at same time. Feeling good, because in my first career, I have made right judgment, treatment and decision for my market, so far, the same running excellent. Feeling bad, because I am desperate with my job now, really-really-really desperate.
Ginko Biloba said to me later on, “you are truly workaholic”
Aku cuma nyengir, “not at all… yet ambitious”
GB: “You need to relax, no need to be perfect all the time, how much do you get from your company now?”
A: “Not so much, but I want to do it well even I am not get paid well, for me, working is not just for get the money, but also to deliver your passion and get paid because of it, I am happy with my old job, I am desperate with my current job. That simple”
GB: “Let’s go for holiday, to relax your brain, no need to push it working hard”
A: “Actually, I am not using my brain properly these last days, that is why I felt desperate. Anyway, I would love to go for holiday”
GB: “So… when do you have time? I want it soon” gently smile, gently eyes.
Butterflies. Heartbeat more faster. He looks gorgeous, that teeth! Yes, soon. And we starting from that smile yaaa… hehehehe
See?! Good feeling, bad feeling, happy, sad, angry are up and down like roller coaster for me. In a second, feel happy, good and confidence, in another second am running in anger & desperate feeling.
Ginko Biloba, are you sure that you want to going out with me? I mean, spend your precious holiday with me, 3 x 24 hour with me!!! I know you are typically bad boy, but, you don’t have idea, how much I can going more bad 😆

3 responses to “roller coaster emotion”


    Ginko Biloba stay apart!!! Tje2p is mine!!

    hahahahahahahahaha.. terusin ceritanya tjep. Gw seneng bacanya..

    Lorenita, gw update cerita pulang liburan yaaa….

  2. Tjep, kok postingan gw gak nongol2?

    udah neng, ada yg mesti diapprove

  3. Jatuh cinta berjuta rasanya, ha ha ha
    senang dech g baca2 in ur recently thoughts….
    don’t stop to let us know how u feeling Tjep…!!

    jadiiii malu…..

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