Aaarrrgh… Am I?

Suddenly, I feel old.
We are in internal technical training. The Guru, explain about textile A-Z. My boss adding some information regarding yarn. And before I can stop it, I was explain about all weaving machine detail and its spare parts, then the bubble jump to design trend and the season-tips&tricks.
Guru: “Hey… good, you know a lot about weaving ya” to me.
Boss: “Yah… surprising me”
Me: “My first job was a secretary for a textile machinery trading, I was learning a lot, read the manual and saw the things. I was doing small job of sales also. After this job, I come to this company and selling fabric. I think, once you get into textile, difficult to out from the box”
Boss: “I’ve been in this industry already for 13 years”
Guru: “Me, I have been 31 years”
I hate the conversation. Don’t misunderstanding me, it was a great training, but at one moment, suddenly I realize that I am old!!! I was talking like I spend my whole life in this industry. I am just spending my 7 precious years actually, but why I feel this?!
For God sake, I am just 28 years. Someone, please stop me to think that am old.
Enough said

2 responses to “Aaarrrgh… Am I?”

  1. All human will think that they are old. They’ll think about wasting their precious time. That’s the fact. So, be cool. 🙂

    Errr… this is an enlightement actually
    normally, I never remember how old i am, coz, i’m still behave like abg :mrgreen:

  2. ngga kok jeung, situ blum tuwa pan blum kpala 3 hi3

    mari sini ngrumpiin mas ken aja biar tetep awet muda *hugs*

    hihihi… perenungan aja sih…
    kayanya baru kmaren pake celana monyet…

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