Free Burma

I am not a person who aware with world situation, coz the informations are too much… I became afraid with the world am living in. I always start my day with light-easy-without-thinking or using my brain, really, I do not like to use it (my brain, that’s why am a ‘lemot’ person, I want to die with good condition brain), I always try to ignore morning news (vice versa, I try hard to ignore night news as well) like I said, the one & only reason is am afraid. But the informations still coming, I can’t filter it.

This, make me afraid, make me sad…
What can we do?

Free Burma!

3 responses to “Free Burma”

  1. Numpang iklan aja Ruth :D.

    Kunjungi Blog Sepakbola
    #1 Di Indonesia:

    halah… kaya’ berita aja… ada iklannya… 😛

  2. Ruth dear, I am so sorry my post broke your calm peaceful morning.

    no.. no… not like that Lady Day…
    I meant, we can hardly ignore and selected what we want to know, but we can’t do that, we are living in a same world… my eyes won’t to see but I have normal eyes, which can see clearly…. umh…

  3. klo saja presiden endonesia Om pepeng…!!!
    saya nunjuk anda untuk Delegasi utusan. kenegara yg berkecamuk itu..!!!

    ANDA SIAP..???

    boleh pake rok mini kan om?! 😆 *gara-gara mainan baru neh…*

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