Kalahari Thirstland Liqueur


As written on its label, Kalahari Thirstland Liqueur made from bulbs, plants and herbs of South Africa. The Awe inspiring Kalahari dessert stretches across the borders of Namibia, Bostwana and South Africa. Small patches of vegetation bring life to endless expenses of time sand, which in coulours from vivid orange-reds to burnt amber, brown ocre and smooky pink.

I was trying the liqueur at my friend’s house, while he invited me to have dinner. Before giving me Kalahari, he was offering Amarulla, it is a liqueur made from Amarulla fruit, which is elephant’s fave. But he has better story about Amarulla, when a Amarulla tree fruity, all animal from the jungle come to the tree and started to have a party, all animall will get drunk, because Amarulla already fermented when its ripe, a monkey will walk and take a bite of Amarulla fruit then it will fall down drunk, none animal will kill others as they were busy with alcohol sensation. Anyway, that night was not my lucky night, I can’t try it because it already going bad, the cream already crystalize. Then he suddenly remember about Kalahari. My first impression about Kalahari was,”wow the botol is so unique” seriously, you can imagine Aladin magical lamp. Its call Calabashes, ‘Gqa te Tsi’ in Swahilli. We have very simple way to enjoy the drink, crushed with lot ice rocks… and first sip was very spicy. Oh, come on, spicy liqueur? I am not trying to hyper-description, really, like you taste Chinesse medicine for cough! But then enjoy it melt in your mounth you will taste the sensation and after five minutes, I can say that I like it! Our meal that night was Indian meal, frankly speaking, it was bit to much excotic flavour in my mouth. This liqueur would be better serve with a bit ‘plain’ foor flavour, I think. Yeah, I am an amateur for liqueur tasting but who care? I like it! πŸ˜€

So, while Aimee confirmed to take Kamikaze for her 2nd glasses and me; I found the new one, Kalahari.

22 thoughts on “Kalahari Thirstland Liqueur”

  1. Do they still make Kalahari Thirstland? Can’t find any!

    Dunno actually, as my friend bought it at South Africa during his biz trip, will ask him anyway.

  2. A friend just brought me a bottle back one year ago from a missionary trip. It is real sweet. A heavy liquer if you will. Thanks, Shane

    yeah… sweet & like Chinese cough medicine right?

  3. Hi I am searching high and low for some Kalahari Thirstland Liqueur. Any ideas where I might be able to get hold of some?

    Thanks. Great blog.

    actually, my friend brought it from his trip to South Africa, i don’t have idea, which store he got the Kalahari. i never get it in Indonesia. i think in your country, Kalahari is easier to get.
    FYI, currently prices for alcohol drinks in Indonesia also increasing abt. 300%! pfffiiiiuuuh… veeeeeery difficult to find boost

  4. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a bottle of this?

    my friend got it during his trip to SA… sorry can’t help

  5. I got some while I was in Panama. Actually, I’m still here. I hope there aren’t any issues going through customs. I’m excited to try it.

  6. anyone interested in bying a bottle kalahari thirstland liqueur for R20 000.00. Ten years old. A present forgotten for so many years. Now discovered by beer drinkers. Are we missing out!

  7. Want to taste a bottle of Kalahari Thirstland Liqeuer. I ve got that for a present 10 years ago. Still unpacked. Make me a offer.


  8. I am desperatly looking at the internet where the factory in South Africa is situated I would like to order regularly ( we are in the retail business). Who can help me with a e-mail adres or fax-tel-cell number please.

  9. I have a bottle unopened but the cork broke off and cork is half in top and half in bottle. Still full. It is against the law to sell but I will take a donation towards a needy cause. I’m selling this as a collectors bottle.

  10. I am in Durban , Hillcrest area near Inanda Dam in RSA. I have collected one these and it looks good on the display. Thinking of keeping it for extra 9yrs but good offer can tempt me to let go.

  11. I have just been given a bottle from my mom. Still sealed with the booklet. She had it in my late father’s bar. Wondering whether to open and taste. Or just keep as a collector’s item

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