With Or Without You

… I can’t live.

You sing. You lose. Hahaha.

I don’t know how to start writing. I want to draw but I cannot pick up pencil. Seriously, for hours, I just sit, holding pencil and don’t know how to start my drawing. I know well what I want to draw. I couldn’t start it. Lyfe moves fast. A roller coaster life still on going.

I’m suck with words, but I’m trying.

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Million Lights

Almost midnight when the plane taking off, and outside I can see million lights of your city. In few seconds, I completely flying over your city. There one light among those million is yours; you and your lover now. I still feel cold pain slicing my left chest spreading to my back whenever I remember you. I couldn’t help it. I should able to stop to think about you by now but every second, memories flooding and reminds me of you. The harder I tried, the more it keep coming back.

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A Sigh

What’s better to do if you cannot sleep at midnight? Correct. Write a blog post. Well, I’m trying to keep the promise (to myself) that I will write regularly and to add the challenge, let’s do it in English.

I don’t know what I’m doing, for sure, but life is like that. Challenges meant that we are alive. Our existence depends on how we survive the challenge. Not necessarily win it, as no one will ever win and get out alive from this life.

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