Ruth Wijaya

ocehan lebih dari 140 karakter

Ngajak Berantem

Tina: “Nonton Scream 4 yuk”
Nita: “Nggak ah, gue takut, gue kan di rumah sendirian”
Tina: “Emang lo gak punya tetangga?”
Nita: “Ya tetangga gue kan temboknya tinggi-tinggi, cuma kalau ketemu aja senyum-senyum”
Tini *yang gak nyimak dari awal*: “Kenapa? Ada apa?”
Tina: “Temboknya Nita tinggi-tinggi”
Tini: “Trus kenapa si Nita senyum-senyum? Dia mau senyum-senyum sama tembok?”

Sungguh, percakapan absurd yang berpotensi untuk menjadi bahan berantem.

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This entry was posted on June 3, 2011 by in KISAH TINI.

140 Characters

  • Hari ini, Joni berjanji makan indomi. Hati Joni gembira sekali. Wajahnya berseri-seri. Demi indomi. 6 hours ago


Beauty is about balancing, literally - on my bike. Hence, the everyday bike to work so I can eat a lot. It is also about balancing eyebrow & eyeliner wings. Oh, recently I love bold lipstick more than bold green eyeshadow, as I used to love. I can change my rules anytime 😄 #YourBeautyRules #FD8YearsofBeauty 
Happy anniversary @femaledailynetwork thank you for the all laugh and lipstick you share with us! Free lunch today?

PS: I need to edit this post and adding some words since @femaledailynetwork just upload one of the prize today. 
I love quiz and I need more make up. Plus I also NEED that youthmud mask from @sociolla. Please... 😇

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